Initially conceived as a small, artisan-based business, over the course of the years F.O.A.Z. has grown into an important industrial entity and has serviced numerous brands in the fashion industry whilst always maintaining an elevated level of professionalism.

F.O.A.Z. l’accessorio per la calzatura: Tacchificio e Calzaturificio. Ricoperture tacchi e altre lavorazioni


F.O.A.Z. was founded in 1976 by Luigi Orioli and is currently directed by him and his son Maurizio. It is an important player in the footwear sector and currently employs 80 employees with specialized skills.

In August of 2003 F.O.A.Z. moved to its new location in San Mauro Pascoli, where it now occupies a space that is over 2000 square meters in size.

The driving force behind the company is to always improve upon the services it offers to its clients, many of whom bear some of the most prestigious names in the shoemaking industry.

Today F.O.A.Z. (thanks to its large investments in human resources) is the starting point for those looking for a partnership that is reliable and competent.

The F.O.A.Z. Group was born from a passion for its work. A mix of innovation and tradition placed within the folds of the nature of capable, artisan shoemakers, Luigi and Maurizio Orioli.

Continuous production

Nome Fiera

At this moment we are able to produce a daily output of 6,000 pairs of varnished and resurfaced leather heels and 4,000 pairs of heels with a lacquered and / or metal plated finish.

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Innovative materials

Nome Fiera

Everyday we work with different types of materials: wood, ABS, plastic, acetate, and more.

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